Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Barista Last Minute?

Barista Last Minute is an on-demand staffing solution specialised in freelance work for professional baristas in London (UK).
Same day emergency, holiday cover, sick leave or  just in need of an extra pair of hands for a busy day? We connect everything’s coffee with our freelance baristas.

Our goal at Barista Last Minute it is to supply coffee businesses with the best quality staff available at a given time and date.

We are also looking to improve quality of living for our team of pro baristas, allowing them to get the most out of their coffee skills. We give our baristas access to a platform for working on-demand,  based on their personal availability.

Why are we doing it?

Our founder worked for almost a decade in cafés across the UK. Thanks to his experience he knows that success is all about consistency and great service.
Having met many talented people over the last years, he noticed that experienced baristas are capable of rapidly adapting their coffee skills to every coffee machine and grinder. Our vision is to facilitate jobs allocation for freelance baristas. We are working as a bridge between cafes and baristas and we are big supporter of London coffee culture.

How good do I need to be?

We make sure we hire only baristas with a considerable experience that can confidently extract espresso according to the most popular standards. We also check the level of milk steaming and latte art. We’d like to know how knowledgeable are the Baristas in using standard specialty coffee stations and how experienced they are in opening and closing the shop.

How Much will i earn?

We have standard rates of pay that we charge our clients most of the times and they are listed in the tables below. However be aware that sometimes rates of pay might differ from the one listed below. They can be higher or lower. You will always be informed about the rate of pay at the moment the shift it’s being offered, so you can evalue if it suits your needs or not.

London Postcodes (E, EC, W, EC, SE, SW, N, NW, BR, CR, DA, HA, KT, TN, TW, and UB postcodes)

Standard Rate10.50£/Hour
Two days before11£/hour
24 hours notice
(One day before)
Same day rate13£/hour

National Area (Not London Postcodes)

Standard Rate8.50£/Hour
Two days before10£/hour
One day before11£/hour
Same day rate12£/hour

Is there a minimum shift length?

Yes and it’s 5 hours for a single shift per day.

Alternatively, It’s 4 hours per day when you get booked for a minimum of 5 days.

Am I required to do additional tasks different from the barista's ones during the shifts?

We let the clients know that the barista they book using Barista Last Minute are highly-skilled coffee professionals, so they know how to move around a café.
Apart from making excellent coffee, you should be open to do other tasks relative to the job, like some basic table serving, rinsing cups before putting them in the dishwasher, cleaning and maintaining the area tidy for the entire length of your shift. Use your common sense and sure everything will be excellent!

What about breaks during the shift?

Breaks are mandatory for shifts longer than 6 hours. The length of the break  is something that we can define before the shift starts and it is normally around 20-30 minutes.

I have a couple more questions…

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