Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

What is Barista Last Minute?

Barista Last Minute is an on-demand staffing solution specialised in professional baristas based in London (UK).
Last minute call, holiday covers, sick leave or are you just in need of an extra pair of hands for a busy day?
We connect your business with our freelance baristas.

Our goal at Barista Last Minute is to supply coffee businesses with the best quality staff available at a given time and date.
Are you a shop manager looking to start using our services?  We take over the stress of reviewing hundreds of barista candidates, saving you time and money.

How does it work?

  1. Fill our booking form.
  2. We will receive your application and confirm back to you. If you are a new client we will call you back for a quick chat, otherwise we will just send you a simple confirmation email.
  3. In the meantime we advertise your job offer (just hourly rate, shift days and location’s postcode, nothing more) in our Barista Last Minute group’s dashboard.
  4. Baristas that are interested in working the shift will let us know.
  5. We chose the barista that best suit your needs and send his/her details to you.
  6. A barista will be ready to work at your place at the given time and date. Quick and effective! Like drink an espresso.

How Much does It costs?

The standard rate we charge are the following:

London Postcodes Area (E, EC, W, EC, SE, SW, N, NW, BR, CR, DA, HA, KT, TN, TW, and UB postcodes)

Standard Rate12.50£/Hour
Two days before13£/hour
One day before14£/hour
Same day rate15£/hour

National Area (Not London Postcodes)

Standard Rate10.50£/Hour
Two days before12£/hour
One day before13£/hour
Same day rate14£/hour

We are aware that every coffee shop, venue and coffee place has different priorities and budgets, therefore we are open to negotiate a rate that better suits your needs. Rates must be within Living Wage Standards. Email us at to know more about custom rates.

How good are the Baristas?

Very good. We only deal with baristas that have gained a considerable experience in coffee making. We make sure they are confident with espresso extraction, milk steaming and that have a consistent level of latte art. We also ensure they know the most common opening and closing operations.
If you have any special requirements we make sure they will be aware of them too. Just send us a message in advance to let us know.

Is there a minimum shift length required?

Yes and it’s 5 hours for a single shift per day.

Alternatively, It’s 4 hours per day when you book shifts for a minimum of 5 days.

Why are we doing it?

Our founder worked for almost a decade in cafés across the UK. Thanks to his experience he knows that success is all about consistency and great service.
Having met many talented people over the last years, we notice that experienced baristas are capable of rapidly adapting their coffee skills to every coffee machine and grinder presented to them. Our vision is to facilitate jobs allocation working as a bridge between cafes and baristas,also supporting coffee culture in London.

Do we supply permanent staff?

No we do not and we insist you don’t use our service as a way of trying a barista for permanent hiring. Usually, our baristas have already extensive experience in working in a coffee shop and they choose to work with us because they need a flexible, freelance job.

We can provide you with a freelance barista for as long as you wish. Days, weeks, and even months. We can always figure out the best solution to match your needs. However, f you have tried a barista and you want to contract him/her, we just charge you a fee as stated in our terms of contract.

Can the barista I book do other tasks during the shift?

The barista you book with Barista Last Minute are highly-skilled coffee professionals, so they know really well how to move around a café.
Apart from making excellent coffee, our baristas can open, clean and close coffee stations.
Our baristas are aware that working in a café implies moving cups and dishes, serving tables, and keeping the café clean and tidy, as baristas do in almost every café. They can also do some front of house/till service, but please do remember that you have hired them to be mainly on the coffee machine, unless differently specified at the time of hiring.

What about breaks during the shift?

Breaks are mandatory for shifts longer than 6 hours. The length of the break  is something that we can define before the shift starts and it is normally around 20-30 minutes.

I have more questions…

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