Terms of Service

Baristas Last Minute is a service run by BARISTA LAST MINUTE LTD, that operates – from the coffee business’ perspective – as a simple staffing agency. As straightforward as the service is for our clients, we developed Barista Last Minute to work for the barista and not the other way round; as a result, we ensure that any shifts carried out for Barista Last Minute are paid, as often as possible, a  living wage, or a rate that gets as close as possible to it.
BARISTA LAST MINUTE LTD operates in a similar fashion to the way an agent represents a professional creative; in short, we represent you, the barista, as if you were an performance artist, and find you as much work as you need. In order to do this effectively, we have put together a code of conduct which we ask you to adhere to so that we can continue to represent you to the best of our ability.
1.How Barista Last Minute works?
Our clients get in contact with us looking for a barista to book for a number of shifts. We get in touch with one of our barista. We choose based on location, clients request, etc. We simply try to find the best match between the barista and the coffee place.
When we have a shift request we send you a message with a resume of the shifts and the hourly rate of pay. You are free to confirm or decline.
Once you confirm we will send you the complete list of information for each shift. Then all you have to do is turn up on time and make great coffee. In case of emergency, delays, or any unexpected setback you must contact us and the location where you’re working that day.
We also have a chat set up channel on message app where we post barista jobs. We pick the barista on a first-come first-served basis. Detailed instructions of how to join the group are listed on your confirmation email.
2.Invoices, Payment, Rates & Taxes
We pay your weekly shifts 19 days after the end of the week you get paid for. Weeks start on Monday. Friday is the day we process payments. Bank transfers will be followed by a transaction invoice sent to your email. However should you require a different payment date you can try requesting it by emailing: payments@baristalastminute.com. The standards rate of pay we charge are the following:
London Postcode Area (E, EC, W, EC, SE, SW, N, NW, BR, CR, DA, HA, KT, TN, TW, and UB)
Standard Rate: £10.50/hour
Two Days Notice: £11/hour
One Notice: £12/hour
On The Day Rate: £13/hour
National Weighing Area
Standard Rate: £8.50/hour
48 Hours Notice: £10/hour
24 Hours Notice: £11/hour
On The Day Rate: £12/hour
These rates are recommended by us to our clients, however sometimes rates might differ from the above list. You will always be informed about the rate of pay at the moment the shift is offered to you. Baristas using this service are freelance Barista, as such by using our service and agreeing to these terms you are responsible for registering with HMRC as self-employed and paying your own tax and NI contributions. Breaks are to be taken in accordance with UK labor laws and are included in your shifts hours. You are entitled to a 20 min break on shifts above 6 hours.
3.Work Environment 
As representatives of the service Barista Last Minute and the company BARISTA LAST MINUTE LTD, baristas are expected to act with integrity, comply with any laws or company policies, and maintain a professional work environment when on site. This involves treating customers, colleagues and other users of Barista Last Minute ethically and with respect at all times.
4.Attendance and punctuality
We expect baristas to be punctual with the shifts they have chosen, this means being behind the bar and ready to start at the time assigned each day. Part of the customer-related terms of service for Barista Last Minute is that a shift has to be a minimum of 5 hours in length, as this is in place to cover baristas and ensure a full day of work is provided we request that, unless in cases of emergency, the barista does not ask to leave early at any point during the shift.
Should a barista be sent home by the customer, after five hours, please update the shift times on the app.
5.Barista Cancellations & Absence Without Notice
If you have picked up a shift but for whatever reason would like to drop it, then you can do so mailing us as soon as you know at support@baristalastminute.com or call 07393953020. Ultimately it is your responsibility to complete any shift you have chosen. We understand mitigating circumstances and unforeseen events may arise that may require dropping of shifts to occur, in the event of such things please contact support@baristalastminute.com and note that any cancellation requests with less than 24 hours before the shift – unless an emergency – is highly unlikely to be accepted. Picking a shift and not turning up for the shift will result in termination of services. Any shifts currently picked will be reassigned to other baristas and all the outstanding payments will be postponed by a further 40 days from the supposed payment date. Not turning up for a shift is the quickest way to forfeit any access to the services of Barista Last Minute.
5.Customer Cancellations
If you have picked up a shift and for whatever reason the customer cancels it you will be notified as soon as we know it. On the rare occasion a customer cancels last minute there will be a charge to ensure you don’t lose out on work and finances. If the customer cancels a day before the shift you will be compensated for 50% of the shift i.e should the shift be 8 hours, you will receive 4 hours pay. If the customer cancels on the day of the shift, you will be compensated for 80% of the shift, i.e. should the shift be 8 hours, you will receive 6 hours pay.
6.Conflict of Interest & Privacy Policy
Due to the nature of working through Barista Last Minute, you will experience the ways different shops run their businesses, we expect you to maintain a level of discretion and refrain from sharing information between customers. As a freelance barista providing support you will often receive a different rate (often higher) for the work you are doing, we expect you to maintain a level of discretion and refrain from discussing wages with clients and their employees. Barista Last Minute is a community with BARISTA LAST MINUTE LTD acting as an agent representing baristas using the service. With this in mind, we request that the booking of shifts goes through Barista Last Minute’s channels and baristas do not circumvent the booking system or use the service as a way of seeking employment. Should a customer offer you employment or attempt to circumvent the booking system please notify support@baristalastminute.com at the end of your shift. Any breach of the above points may result in termination of services; outstanding payments will be paid but they will be delayed by a further 30 days and you will forfeit any access to the services of Barista Last Minute. 
7.Discrimination and Harassment
We are committed to providing a work environment free of discrimination and harassment. Actions, words, jokes or comments based on an individual’s sex, race, ethnicity, age, religion or any other legally protected characteristics will not be tolerated. Should you feel harassed and/or excluded in any of the ways described above, you should inform support@baristalastminute.com as soon as possible and we will take the necessary steps to stop and report any kind of harmful behavior.
8.Mobile Phone and Internet Use at Work
Please refrain from using your phone while on shift. In rare occasions where clients have access to the internet through their iPad POS system, please refrain from using this system for anything other than POS.
9.Dress Code
Where clients have expressed specific uniform requirements this information will be passed to you when shifts gets offered. On the occasion where clients have no specific uniform requirements, we ask that you maintain a professional appearance complying with health and hygiene regulations for working in a food environment. Due to the variety of clients, we suppose there is no real ‘one size fits all’ approach to uniform and general appearance. However to ensure there are no huge problems we request that facial piercings are discreet, facial hair is tidy, and tattoos can be covered if the client request it. Where uniform is not requested we recommend comfortable shoes or trainers, dark jeans and a dark top. Please avoid open shoes, sport apparel, and dirty clothes and shoes.
10.Substance Abuse & Sites Serving Alcohol
Do not, under any circumstances, show up on site under the influence of alcohol or any non-prescription drugs. Do not, under any circumstances, consume alcohol or any non-prescription drugs whilst on shift. This includes drinking alcohol on shift at sites that serve alcohol.
11.Complaints and Disputes
All complaints from clients will be followed up with specific baristas. All complaints from baristas will be followed up with specific clients. Where the barista is found to be at fault, or to be in noncompliance with any points outlined in the code of conduct, a warning will be issued via email in line with a “three strike” rule before termination of services. BARISTA LAST MINUTE LTD reserves the right to terminate services without issuing warnings when faced with complaints raised of extreme situations or noncompliance with behaviours outlined in Absence (5), Privacy (6), and Harassment (7).
12.General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
Barista Last Minute requires some information to be collected from the applicant baristas. This information will be stored in a secure location and will only be used by Barista Last Minute and BARISTA LAST MINUTE LTD. The collection of bank details is to facilitate payment, this information is stored in secure accounting software and under no circumstances will be shared with anyone other than the finance controller at Barista Last Minute. In addition to this, the BARISTA LAST MINUTE LTD  uses secure accounting software and schedules payments with humans having minimum interactions with the information. Other information added to the app will not be shared with any business outside of BARISTA LAST MINUTE LTD and the service Barista Last Minute. Information given will only be used for contact between Barista Last Minute and the barista themselves. By using the service you give you consent for Barista Last Minute and BARISTA LAST MINUTE LTD to use your information to facilitate payment and contact you with information relating to the service. At any point, should you wish to stop using the service please contact support@baristalastminute.com and we will be happy to remove information from our system.

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